Justine Benanty

The Digger & The Diver

Justine Benanty is the “Digger & Diver” of ArchaeoVenturers.  She is a Maritime Archaeologist, focusing on the developing world with strong professional ties to archival research, virtual technologies, underwater heritage management, ethical anthropology, and youth education. Her maritime career has been driven by her ground-breaking work with the Slave Wrecks Project, based in Washington DC.

Justine  is motivated to shake up the academic community by using her skills  to encourage the next generation of #ArchaeoActivists, campaigning for a more culturally aware future. Justine is active on social media by lobbying for  the stewardship of underwater cultural heritage and global youth.

While promoting the advancement of women in the field, Justine is also proud to be collaborating with the ‘Diving With a Purpose’ organization as their resident maritime archaeologist and head of their research team. She is also a proud mentor and instructor for the Youth Diving With a Purpose program, which encourages young divers from around the globe to become advocates for conservation and preservation through the pursuit of maritime archaeology.

Besides being a seasoned international traveler, with 35+ countries under her belt, and a rescue scuba diver, Justine enjoys earning miles with her private pilot’s license, taking long bike rides wherever she is in the world, and dreams of fulfilling her goal to travel to every continent—with only Antarctica left!

Justine graduated with honors from both her B.A. and M.A. in Archaeology and Anthropology at The George Washington University. She recently started her PhD at Leiden University in the Netherlands. While she has been a Washington DC resident for a decade, she has recently returned to her roots in Brooklyn, NYC.