What is an ArchaeoVenturer?

ArchaeoVenturers are more than just archaeologists and anthropologists.  They are scientists and advocates who use activism, academia, and innovation for the advancement of society and culture.  These renaissance-(wo)men venture beyond the boundaries of the excavation and explore science across disciplines in the constantly changing global environment.

Our Story

Katie and Justine each found their passions for history at an early age, reveering idols like Indiana Jones and Jacques Cousteau as inspiration.  But over time, these budding archaeologists recognized a feature of their famous heroes that set them apart  – like many scientists in the public sphere, they were men.

As young women, there were—and continue to be—few publicly acclaimed female figures in archaeology and science for Katie, Justine, and others to look to for inspiration.  Today, many global organizations, governments, and institutions promote STEM programs, women’s education, and girls in science. Yet, there remains a void between the promotion and growth of women in the field and the public perception of who can  be a scientist – and in this case, an archaeologist.  In 2014, Katie and Justine launched their pioneering ArchaeoVenturers project to help fill this void.

By land and sea, the ArchaeoVenturers are advocating for the 21st century scientist. With Katie’s digging and Justine’s diving, their combined archaeological expertise crosses academic fields and geographic hemispheres. By day, Katie and Justine work across disciplines  to educate the public about ancient societies. By night, the ArchaeoVenturers use social activism to raise awareness about progressive work being done across the sciences.

Together, they are out to show that anyone can help take steps to change our world – and that being a badass in science just requires passion, imagination, and a taste for adventure!

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